From 1875, Joseph Bulova presented one innovation after the next. Opening a small store in downtown New York City that would mark the beginning of his lifelong quest: to craft supreme quality timepieces for an ever-changing and dynamic landscape.

With an unwavering drive for perfection, efficiency and precision, quality craftsmanship became the foundation upon which Joseph Bulova built his brand. 

Bulova’s industry innovations included everything from pioneering standardised production of watches to developing the first fully electronic watch with proprietary tuning-fork based technology making it at the time the most accurate watch in the world. 

America’s very first radio and TV commercial was Bulova. Through collaborations NASA on 46 space missions, it was during the first moonwalk, a Bulova time piece was even placed in the sea of tranquility.

The Precisionist collection was introduced in 2010. Intricately styled and infinitely accurate, with a continuous sweeping second hand. Most recently in 2016, the brand (quite literally) changed the face of the industry with the Curv collection – the world’s first curved chronograph movement.

Today, Bulova is driven by the same core principles of craftsmanship, innovation, and technology that guided its visionary founder over 140 years ago. Much like Joseph Bulova himself, here at Worths we set our own standards and create our own rules - breaking boundaries along the way to deliver the exceptional.

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