The Duck Company's story begins like this... 'In 2004 we met a creature that was to change our lives. Outpacing its owner in a field outside an Indonesian village was a very determined Indian Runner Duck. Standing upright like a penguin and equally flightless, the Runner Duck wasn’t like any duck we’d encountered before, and its curious nature, social graces and audacious speed charmed us completely.

On returning to Britain, we formed The Original Wooden Duck Company, DCUK. Our aim was simple: to design and hand-craft gifts from the sustainable bamboo we’d seen on our trip. We wanted people to smile when they received our ducks, just as we had when we’d met their living relations in Indonesia. And, thanks to the exceptional skills of our designers and makers, it worked.'

We just love this Story and are very proud to be stock a range of these beautiful ducks. All Ducks are lovingly hand painted in Devon and are looking for loving homes, so have a look and see which one is your favourite or which one you would like to buy as a gift for someone special.

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