Ear Piercing

Worth's Luxury Ear Piercing: 

Here at Worths we want to make your ear piercing visit as comfortable as possible with our piercing suite, furnished with our beautiful flower mirror and friendly staff. Stunning 24ct Gold Heart earrings to sparkling stainless steel earrings we have a choice for everyone to show their individual customisation. 

Our piercing suite provides a calming environment for whatever piercing you are choosing to have done, our expert pierces are trained in the safest and most gentle method to ensure you a stress-free piercing. 

Prices and What Is Included:

Our prices start from £25.00 and we have a range of jewellery from stainless steel to 18ct Gold  the best part is that you get to choose your jewellery!

Included in this price is a free aftercare solution and an aftercare sheet which tells you all you need to know about how to care for your new piercing. 

What Can We Pierce:

We are able to pierce a number of different places on the ear whether this is your first time getting an ear piercing or you are a regular. We are able to pierce the lobes which is the most popular and least painful and the cartilage which is the top part of your ear that is more rigid. The cartilage has become very popular over the years and gives you so many options for expression through piercing and jewellery. 

How We Pierce: 

We use the Iverness Piercing System - The worlds safest and gentlest ear piercing system. Contested by competition in the UK and validated by ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

This advanced ear piercing system is able to do both lobes and cartilage, it is safe, sterile and hypoallergenic.

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Ear Piercing